Our mobile dishwashing trailers has 2 types: low temp push thru mobile dishwashing trailers and conveyor belt drive for large-scale requirements. Depending on your business need, we have several sizes available for delivery nationwide: 22′ x 8′, 38′ x 8′ and 40′ x 8′. Each mobile dishwashing trailer unit have passed all US state’s health and building requirement.

The common problem during kitchen renovation is how you will continue to operate while a construction is on the works. As you know, it is not recommended for the dirty dishes to be on the same area as the food preparation to prevent cross contamination. This is where our mobile dishwashing trailers can be your best bet.

Our mobile operations are also perfect when insurance companies require business to mitigate further damages.  If a school needs to feed 200 kids and each kid is required to pay $1,000 a month in tution, that is, $200,000 a month while our mobile kitchen cost, for example $9,995 per month, is mitigating the school’s financial damages. Also, with our mobile dishwashing trailers, you can continue to operate the way you’ve been doing with your original kitchen. Clearly, you can see the benefits of using our mobile dishwashing and temporary kitchen units.

No emergency situation should stop you from doing the same standard of operation you originally have. This means if your business runs on a plated service then you should be able to continue the same level of service with the help of our mobile dishwashing trailer for rent

We have ensured storage locations in major cities all over the United States to ensure we can address your emergency needs when you need it, where you need it.

You can also check our sister company Temporary Kitchen 123 for our mobile kiitchen trailers for rent.