This 40ft mobile dishwashing trailer is a highly efficient, all-electric conveyor belt unit designed to meet your dishwashing needs. With a spacious 40 ft length and 8 ft width, it provides ample space for efficient operations.

Key details:

  • Power Requirement: 220V, 3-phase, 150 amps
  • Low-Temperature Solution: Ideal for locations without 3-phase power, making it versatile and accessible.
  • Fast Drying Solutions: Our experts can guide you on effective and rapid drying techniques for low-temperature dishwashing.

Included features in our 40ft mobile dishwashing trailer:

  1. Two Three Bay Sinks: Ample space for dishwashing, rinsing, and sanitizing.
  2. Two Handwashing Sinks: Ensures proper hygiene for your staff.
  3. Soil Tray and Wire Racks: Convenient for sorting and organizing dishes.
  4. Low Temperature Push-Thru Dishwasher (220 single phase): Offers efficient cleaning at a lower temperature.
  5. Hobart Conveyor Dishwasher: A high-capacity dishwasher for large volumes of dishes.

With this comprehensive setup, our 40ft mobile dishwashing trailer is ready to streamline your dishwashing operations effectively.

To ensure proper operation, all dishwashing trailers must be connected to the following utility connections:

  1. Water Connection: A ½ inch water hose bib connection is required to supply the dishwashing trailer with clean water for washing and rinsing dishes.

  2. Gray Water Outlet: A 4-inch to 6-inch gray water outlet is needed for the final connection to the city wastewater line service. This outlet is essential for safely disposing of used water and wastewater from the trailer.

These connections are crucial for the efficient functioning of the dishwashing trailer and compliance with sanitation and environmental regulations. Proper installation and maintenance of these connections are necessary to ensure smooth operations.