Mobile Dishwashing Trailer in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the major cities that Portable Dishwashing 123 serves with Mobile Dishwashing Trailer in Atlanta in the United States. Each mobile dishwashing rental in Atlanta, Georgia, temporary kitchen for rent in Atlanta, Georgia, mobile refrigerated containers in Atlanta, Georgia and portable dishwashing facility in Atlanta, Georgia have passed  all Georgia’s health and building standard. Our licensed engineers who strictly built each mobile dishwashing rental and mobile support units also checks the trailers regularly to make certain of compliance.

Our customers are from different areas of business such as hotels, government agencies, schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, restaurants, food centers and many more. For 2 decades now, Portable Dishwashing 123 was able to keep its highest level of customer service by continuously educating all its mobile dishwashing experts with food safety standards for all 50 states nationwide. This helps the caller bigtime as they will be speaking to people who doesn’t only sell our services but more so educate you you with the best unit that you will need based on your business needs.

Our new 38’ mobile dishwashing trailer with the conveyor type machine can do three separate washing functions including a built-in power rinse. Mobile Dishwashing Trailer in Atlanta It can wash up to 249 racks per hour and uses a minimum 0.46 gallons of water per rack while achieving sparkling, clean, dry dishes. Power requirement is 220 V, Single phase, 220 to 300 amps. It also has its new 5 ton HVAC for cooling or heating. The machine is manufactured by CMA who is the most trusted dishwashing brand in the commercial food industry today.

Our all-inclusive list of mobile support units gives you other trailer that you might need.

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Our mobile refrigerated trailer can be rented for a longer period of time. It comes in 12’ and 20’ sizes. The trailers can easily be positioned where you want it to be. It can also be connected to other trailers on site with our ADA approved ramps for a more convenient transportation.

Our ADA approved ramps are what each trailer needs to ease on their cart transportation. The ramps come in sections of  4’ x 7’ that can be attached to each mobile dishwashing trailer for rent and mobile kitchen rental to build a modular building where the food is kept inside the mobile kitchen facility avoiding cross-contamination or construction dust.

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