Portable Dishwashing 123 is excited to extend its range of services to numerous key cities across the United States, including the provision of our Mobile Dishwashing Trailer in Knoxville. Our strategically placed storage facilities enable us to quickly respond to various kitchen challenges faced by our clients in Knoxville. We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss how we can meet your needs, and you are also welcome to schedule a tour of our nearest storage location in Knoxville to get a firsthand view of our capabilities.

In addition to our Mobile Dishwashing Trailer in Knoxville, we offer a varied selection of mobile support units, designed to comprehensively address the needs of any kitchen operation. Our wide-ranging services include:

  • Refrigerated Container Rentals
  • Rentable Modular Prep Trailers
  • Mobile Dishwashing Trailer Rentals
  • Leasable Dining Hall Tents
  • Top-grade ADA and OSHA compliant ramps

Our services are meticulously crafted to ensure the uninterrupted and smooth operation of your kitchen activities, regardless of your location or specific project requirements. Whether it’s for an urgent, short-term need or a more extended project, our Mobile Dishwashing Trailer in Knoxville, along with our various other mobile support units, is available to provide you with effective and reliable solutions.

We at Portable Dishwashing 123 are here to assist you further. Please feel free to reach out for more details or to discuss how our services, particularly the Mobile Dishwashing Trailer in Knoxville, can be tailored to meet the specific demands of your project or event. We are dedicated to helping you maintain seamless and efficient kitchen operations, no matter the situation.

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Our happy customers include healthcare organizations, assisted living homes, hotels, disaster relief agencies, schools, hospitals, restaurants to name a few. Our units are mostly recommended by renowned chefs and business owners.

Portable Dishwashing 123 is one of the pioneers in providing top-of the line mobile kitchen rental units especially in Knoxville, Tennessee area. Serving complete mobile support units for all your kitchen needs. From mobile kitchen rental units to high-grade dishwashing trailer, we also offer refrigerated containers, modular kitchen building, dining hall tent and high-grade ADA and OSHA compliant ramps.

  • 3 compartment sinks
  • Hand washing sinks
  • Ansul fire suppression systems
  • ranges, griddles, convection oven combo
  • deep fryers etc.

Call us now and we’ll be pleased and excited to help you!

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