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Portable Dishwashing 123 stands as a leader in providing mobile kitchen and mobile dishwasher services in Tacoma, Washington, adeptly handling both urgent and planned needs. Our thorough approach includes managing all Health Department permitting for Temporary Kitchen Facilities, offering our clients complete compliance and ease of mind.

We specialize in several key services:

  1. Kitchen Trailer Rental: Our Kitchen Trailers are comprehensive mobile culinary units. Outfitted with modern cooking appliances, spacious preparation areas, and all essential kitchen amenities, these trailers are perfect for a variety of scenarios including events, renovations, or temporary replacements during kitchen remodeling.

  2. Refrigeration Trailer Rental: These trailers offer vital cold storage, keeping perishable items at the right temperature. Ideal for outdoor events or as additional storage during high-demand periods or kitchen renovations, they are an indispensable asset for any culinary operation.

  3. Reefer Trailer Rental: Tailored for the transport of refrigerated goods, our Reefer Trailers ensure a consistently controlled environment, essential for catering companies, large-scale events, or any transport of temperature-sensitive items.

  4. Dishwasher Trailer Rental: Complementing our mobile dishwashing trailer in Tacoma, these trailers are equipped for high-volume dishwashing demands. They feature industrial-grade dishwashers, sinks, and workspaces, ensuring efficient and sanitary operations.

The mobile dishwashing trailer in Tacoma offered by Portable Dishwashing 123 is a testament to our commitment to efficiency and reliability. Whether it’s for a significant event, commercial refurbishment, or an unforeseen requirement, our mobile dishwashing trailer in Tacoma is a comprehensive, compliant, and effective dishwashing solution.

In conclusion, Portable Dishwashing 123 is your go-to provider for all mobile kitchen and cleaning needs in Tacoma. Our mobile dishwashing trailer in Tacoma, along with our extensive rental service range, ensures your operations remain uninterrupted and efficient. Rely on us for top-tier, efficient, and comprehensive mobile kitchen and dishwashing solutions.

It is important that you call us for you to get expert’s advice on how you can continue your operation with ease under your kitchen renovation phase.

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